So I did not get my first hand-me-down camera when I was a child and instantly fall in love with it... I was 34 when I realized life would never slow down and most of our family memories looked blurred and faded. And just like that, I had found what made me tick.

Originally from Argentina, I now live in Auckland, New Zealand, with my two gorgeous girls, who are my most dedicated and hard-working models, and my amazing husband, who even though I've had to clone out of many images, is my biggest supporter and companion. They have become my greatest inspiration and fuel to my imagination.

I love making images: I love the creation process involved in each picture, from doodling ideas in my sketch book, running around securing props, sewing my own costumes, working with the models to bring the stories to life, to the subtle click in the camera and the final tweaks on the screen.

There is no substitute for passion.